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These days Linda doesn't even go out to walk the dog without a slick of lipstick and a quick brush of the mascara wand.

Vain as that may seem, she says she is not alone as other middle aged women feel similarly‘I told her a decade ago that she needed to hurry up because I wanted to wear a sleeveless dress at her wedding!

But even more arresting was the fact that, without exception, it was those over 50 who’d really pulled out all the stops at the charity event I was speaking at.

Each one was not just expensively perfumed, but expertly made-up and dressed to the nines.

To me, it had an aura of magic: turning the tiny golden key and flipping the mirrored leather lid, I would marvel at the array of lotions and potions that make up a woman’s beauty armoury, corralled in their hand-stitched compartments.

Going fresh-faced and natural may have given the illusion of modesty, but it was simply a viable option.

Now in my 60s, the no make-up look equals drained and decrepit, rather than carefree, so no wonder it takes me a good half hour longer to leave the house.

But it’s taken her a whole ten years, and now I’m going to have to wear sleeves!

’ Vanity, certainly, but not without self-knowledge and a sense of humour.

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