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Elgar said, "my first music was learnt in the Cathedral ...from books borrowed from the music library, when I was eight, nine or ten." Elgar began to learn German, in the hope of going to the Leipzig Conservatory for further musical studies, but his father could not afford to send him.He also composed choral works, including The Dream of Gerontius, chamber music and songs.He was appointed Master of the King's Musick in 1924.

He nevertheless married the daughter of a senior British army officer.

Years later, a profile in The Musical Times considered that his failure to get to Leipzig was fortunate for Elgar's musical development: "Thus the budding composer escaped the dogmatism of the schools." However, it was a disappointment to Elgar that on leaving school in 1872 he went not to Leipzig but to the office of a local solicitor as a clerk.

He did not find an office career congenial, and for fulfilment he turned not only to music but to literature, becoming a voracious reader.

His stock remained low for a generation after his death.

It began to revive significantly in the 1960s, helped by new recordings of his works.

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George's Roman Catholic Church, Worcester, from 1846 to 1885.

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