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I have tried different wetsuits and they are so long that I end up with bunches on my legs, so I was very excited to find out that there was a wetsuit that is for the more petite person. View Full Review - First trip with the bag was great! Held all my warm water gear plus my go pro and accessories.

To make matters even more complicated, although I wear a size 8 pant, I am larger in the bust. When my regs, camera and lights weren’t in it for air travel, it worked perfectly to pack a little extra luggage.

View Full Review - i wont get to truly test this until march, but i am very impressed by the bag.

it is extremely roomy, yet when empty it folds down into a briefcase sized unit [very important when staying on a catamaran or a live aboard where storage is at a premium].

i did fill it with my gear as well as my wifes snorkel gear and it leaves room [and just as importantly weight] to be able to pack most of what i...

View Full Review - Please keep in mind when reading this review that I am basing my rating and review only on trying them on in my home. I ordered the XL replacement straps, which may be a bit long for my size 12 foot, but know they will fit with any size boot I may use.I bought them to replace full foot fins just because Ive been doing a lot of diving that requires me to walk out to the dive boat or the dive site over sharp volcanic rock.Didnt want to need boots to get somewhere and then have to take them off and carry them with me on the dive. And Im only returning them bcuz I have 2 other pairs of perfectly fine fins. View Full Review - I purchased my Jet Fins nearly 50 years ago, and am impressed they are still available.Scuba Pro created some of the most reliable regulators, including the Mark 2 in 1963, which is so simple and reliable that its design is still used today.In 1966 Scubapro debuted the first analog "decompression" meter, which would ultimately lead to the creation of the dive computer. Pride because we make diving equipment that is acclaimed and respected by serious divers. Conscience because the equipment we make is sold through professional, serious retailers who sell our equipment with a sense of responsibility and a guarantee of experience. Professionalism because we are divers and the equipment we make reflects our pride in our sport.

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