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(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders.“We’re not that different,” I told him on one of our first dates, which he liked to remind me of every time I accuse him of being stubborn. And the challenges he offers to my own perspective have been a breath of fresh air for me, too. And yet, here I was dating a bona fide gun expert, a former Specialist in the army who trained recruits on proper gun handling and safety.

I once went to an all you can eat restaurant with a Republican but that was only because she thought that the sign should be interpreted as all she can eat, and the rest be tossed in plastic non bio degradable garbage bags.

I volunteered for the Democrats in 2006 (to oust Rick Santorum) and Obama in 2008. After one heated debate, I asked him why he loved me. And I liked feeling that we both kept an open mind. None of our friends could have a bipartisan relationship like ours.

But I often find myself drawn to men of the opposite party. We went on a cross-country road trip over the summer, and we called each other soul mates. They had seen my previous relationships with conservatives. But the endless election cycle of 2012 is proving a bit of a challenge for our cozy across-the-aisles romance.

The most difficult part is getting a Republican of any sort not to say "no," even before you ask them any question.

If somehow you can persuade them into thinking by going out with you you're bailing out her father on Wall Street, then you may get a "yes." If you're able to get an actual date, the Republican will only settle for going to an upscale establishment that only accepts credit cards with extremely high interest rates, while the Democrat will actually give you a choice in the matter and might even consider bringing a dish.

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At the end of the dinner the Democrat might even offer to pay half or at least leave a decent tip.

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