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Moeller suggests a conversation about a dating relationship where it’s unlikely people will interrupt. Talking points can discuss boundaries, such as the teen balancing time also for being alone, activities, or to be with family and friends.

Some young people try to protect their dating partners, are fearful, or want to fix problems alone.

“I was very much a leader, had confidence in high school, great grades, but I did not have clear boundaries in place as to what was acceptable and what wasn’t with dating.” “There were two very dangerous times; I ended up having to leave the state because of stalking issues. It affects teens from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.” Create Your Statement has reached more than 3,000 students with programs aimed at youth in grades seven to 12.

The group also has a contract with the juvenile courts’ Diversion and Becca programs, and it won a nonprofit Agora business award in 2016.

Young person withdraws from activities previously enjoyed, stays away from friends and family, and spends more time alone or primarily with a dating partner.

Teenager seems overly anxious to answer a dating partner’s calls and texts in a timely manner.

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