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It had 24 episodes, from The first episode returns once more to Barney's wedding.Barney is nervous, and wonders whether he has made the right choice about his tie (who he is marrying).She was telling her therapist that she was getting sick of Barney's romantic gestures to Nora, so when Nora went to France to cover a story, she was planning to use those three days to try to get Barney back, but the plan fails when Nora comes back early.Meanwhile, Ted gets too involved with Lily's pregnancy, when he interferes with what their doctor tells her what she can and can't eat and drink.He then realizes that Nora, too, reminds him of his mom, but he does end up turning the night around.

The gang reminisce about Hurricane Irene and Barney gets out of wearing the Ducky Tie by giving Marshall three extra slaps.While remembering how they almost kissed after Hurricane Irene, Barney and Robin end up kissing, and sleep together. Marshall gets some help with the Christmas lights by his neighbor Scott, that turns out scamming him and using his house for a party.Barney and Robin feel so guilty that they decide to tell their significant others. But when Robin is about to tell Kevin, he tells her that he loves her and doesn't want to hear it. Barney and Ted decide to adopt a baby together as bros, because of their failed romantic lives, but their plan fails. Robin finds out that she's not pregnant, nor can she ever have kids.Ted reminds Barney that his wedding cannot possibly be as terrible as Punchy's wedding, which Marshall ruined.Marshall and Lily were trying to hide Lily's pregnancy, but found it difficult because of the number of cute babies at the wedding, Robin (with lily's help) considered telling Barney that her feelings for him had arisen again.

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Marshall ends up siding with Ted, and Lily becomes mad at Marshall. Ted and Marshall both realize that Lily knows the best that she wants,and they come to apologize.

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