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“EL CIELITO LINDO” Región huasteca Tierra de los aztecas que Dios nos hizo son estas tres huastecas cielito lindo un paraíso.

Banda el Recodo has performed with such popular artists as Juan Gabriel and Michael Concepcion.Although the phenomenon has attracted scholarly attention, the role of music in the trajectories and transformations of this telenovela has largely been overlooked.Yet the soundtrack design and music were fundamental elements at the core of Betty’s successful worldwide circulation.Articles are written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.The Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999–2001) had unprecedented and outstanding diffusion all over the world, both in its original form and through the manifold national adaptations that sprang forth throughout the 2000s, making it the most successful telenovela in history.

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