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This specialisation was formalised prior to 1914 and the beginning of World War I, with the two sections undergoing a number of administrative changes and the home section becoming Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 5 (MI5), the name by which it is still known in popular culture.The founding head of the Army section was Vernon Kell of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who remained in that role until the early part of the Second World War.Information held by the service is exempt from disclosure under section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.The Security Service is derived from the Secret Service Bureau, founded in 1909 and concentrating originally on the activities of the Imperial German government as a joint initiative of the Admiralty and the War Office.

Portsmouth Constabulary jumped the gun and arrested one on 3 August, and not all of the 22 were in custody by the time that Mc Kenna made his speech, but the official history regards the incident as a devastating blow to Imperial Germany which deprived them of their entire spy ring, and specifically upset the Kaiser.MI5 acquired many additional responsibilities during the war.Most significantly, its strict counter-espionage role blurred considerably.On the day after the declaration of World War I, the Home Secretary, Reginald Mc Kenna, announced that "within the last twenty-four hours no fewer than twenty-one spies, or suspected spies, have been arrested in various places all over the country, chiefly in important military or naval centres, some of them long known to the authorities to be spies", a reference to arrests directed by the service.These arrests have provoked recent historical controversy.

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