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The best example I've seen of this is the dump from the Military Singles site where some passwords could be obviously seen to be grouped around US military bases.

People in the UK don't have the same relationship with phone numbers so I know this won't work here but if anyone can suggest any other areas where this might be useful then I'll look at building in some kind of location awareness feature so you can specify the source of the list and get results customized to the correct area or just run every area and see if a pattern emerges.

To do some basic analysis on this I wrote Counter and since I originally released it I've made quite a few mods to it to generate extra stats that are useful when doing reports to management. I could have made these changes before releasing version 1.0 but I figured before I do I want to get as much feedback as possible from users about the features already implemented and about any new features they would like to see so that I can bundle all these together into version 2.

If it doesn't, click here to start the download process manually.

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In this situation the list I chose has already been passed through a filter to strip any duplicates, this is why each word only appears once.

The cap of showing the top 10 is configurable by a parameter on the command line, I'd suggest playing with this limit as sometimes the next entry is the one that starts to explain things.

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