Php pop up window updating parent

If so, then it will call focus on it so that it is returned to the foreground.Note: It is a good idea to make this function available globally and to then always use it in place of the method (it accepts exactly the same arguments).Put this div's id in the sel() function at the place of id in the line below - This is what you will do with the parent window , I added the div beside the select list element to show the user selection made on the child window.I have data in a grid and a link in each of the rows that opens up a pop up to show detailed information.It’s not creating your popup but doing all the logic as opening, closing, centering on resize & scroll, creating a modal overlay etc.

window Opener('/icons/vwicn002.gif', 'Sample Window2', 'WIDTH=300, HEIGHT=250'); Now click the above link again. If it is the first time then this variable is set to an object variable by opening a new window.

a pop up window will be displayed containing the data from the database(somehow i already managed to do that) what i can't do is that i want to pass the value of the selected check no to be passed to the parent form in the check no text box.

it will be like the values of the check no column can be clicked and when the user selects a particular check no it will be passed to the original form and the pop up window will be closed.'/icons/vwicn001.gif', 'Sample Window1', 'WIDTH=300, HEIGHT=250'); This has opened a new instance of the browser called 'new Window'. The link is actually working, you just can't see it.

This method is fine if your users are wise enough to know that they need to toggle back to the new window using the "task-bar" or similar method.

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