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It was fanatastic news that they turned into a real life couple and tremendously sad that it didn't work out.

But what on earth is Tiffany's assistant doing, defending Tiffany and calling Roy a liar in public?!

Tiffany's ex-assistant slams Roy Chiu6 Mar – A Weibo user, who confessed to being Tiffany Tang's former assistant that recently exposed and slammed Roy Chiu for announcing his breakup with the actress, was confirmed to be her former assistant indeed.

As reported on Jayne Stars, Tiffany's publicity team revealed that the Weibo user had indeed been Tiffany's personal assistant for three years since the latter half of 2010, the same time Roy and Tiffany were filming their first collaboration, "My Daughter" – putting her in the first class seat to observe how their relationship unfolds.

She added that Roy was also a controlling person, stating, "Every time Roy and Tiffany had an interview, Roy would call a few days beforehand with countless instructions on what to say and what to wear.

He would also meet up with Tiffany to rehearse their lines when they advertised a makeup product together.""Tiffany would always find time to fly to Taiwan and visit Roy, even though he rarely let her leave his house for fear that reporters would snap her picture.

I mean why won't she come out or at least try to stop her assistant? I mean why won't she come out or at least try to stop her assistant?roy also had bad reputation with rainie yang and joe chen, which people believed was the main reason he left taiwanese entertainment and pursue new career in mainland china.maybe tiffany just didn't come out because she's really hurt by roy's two timing starting new relationship with the rumoured third party taiwan woman while still in a relationship with her.If anyone should be complaining, shouldn't it be Tiffany herself?Bottomline is, this assistant does not have the right to be causing such chaos.

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Responding to the claims, Yu Fen emphasised that she merely visisted Roy once and said, ' When are things going to end?

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