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Expat in Morocco – North Africa since 2007, polyglot and proud Lonely Planet Pathfinders blogger. My site is and we are a couple who are full time, slow travelers (nomads if you like). Having said that, I love to include a bit of history and culture in my posts.We write about and photograph our adventures, the people we meet, the places we see and offer advice, tips and resources for traveling and living a balanced life. In general, my blog offers tips and advice on the countries I have visited, shares pictures and resources for traveling. Joao, you have done a fantastic job building this extensive list of travel sites.We are in the progress of doing similar article around our niche, premium travel, and will definitely mention this article on the list.Thomas Wilson Web Team WOW – totally blown away by how comprehensive this list is!!!And I’ve already discovered some blogs that I know will be new favorites!And I tend to gravitate towards travel photo blogs aimed at people who aren’t looking for travel tips anymore but who’ve already been everywhere and just want to revive the good memories. 🙂 So I liked that you’d divided your list into so many categories – after all, there are lots of types of travel and even more types of blogs out there! Please consider my blog under TRAVEL SITES AND TRIP PLANNERS with “– Nelson Mochilero” There are my 2 blogs inside one domain and the content of my youtube travel channel and twitter is also in english. Mostly I love reading about Indian places as I have been exploring many since last couple of years. I offer lots of amazing Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a travel destination tips and more on the blog!

We’d love to be added to your list and to be a part of your community.Adventure travel blogger with ideas and narratives to motivate independent travelers and audacious backpackers.Intense journeys into more than 126 countries around Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania since 1999. I would love to join the ranks of wonderful fellow travel bloggers. I’m blogging at and I’m a historian and solo traveler.While there’s a lot of work to be done I hope readers will find this information useful. Cheers, Ivan Fabulous list, we would love to be a part of this please.We are from Bali & South Africa, currently on our mega honeymoon, a one year adventure bike-tour journey from Peru-Bolivia-Chile-Argentina and then into Africa.

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If you are on the list, but you think you would suit better in a different category, please let me know also by commenting this page.

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