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You can't see racing on the old Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the banked Monza course, or even Laguna Seca's original layout, buy you can relive Road America just as it was when Can-Am roared through these same fourteen corners in the sixties.

The track itself is 4.048 miles long, and includes all of the hallmarks of a great road course: multiple straightaways, fast sweepers, tight bends and complex multi-apex sequences.I spent the weekend at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, for the Weathertech International Challenge With Brian Redman Presented By Hawk.The title is a lengthy way of saying historic racing, with this year's event celebrating Can-Am cars on the 50th anniversary of the inaugural season.resize=768:*" /From Can-Am to Champ Car to IMSA, professional racers frequently cite Road America as their favorite circuit on every calendar.There's not any evidence that happier drivers put on a better show, but it's nice to know that the event you came out to see might be just as much of a highlight of their season as it is in yours.

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From there you can watch the cars turn-in, roll slightly, change direction and maybe even induce some slip from the rear as they make their way around.

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