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): - check out page 4 for info on the subject - when stuff ejects to the surface of the water after the sinking of the ship, effect like depth charge appears and vanishes rather quickly , maybe I can fix that later, but the oil spot is black - when you hit your own torpedo with a torpedo, there are debris flying in the air, though original torpedo continues to run - writting of this thread is hard, cheers to all the merrymen who wrote stuff like this NEW! when oil burns on the surface, it "mingles" with smokes from regular fires, so when you get close to it, fps drops you will encounter- currently can't do nothing about that - without risk(check it! ) ONLY with GWX 2.1(by the way exiting Kiel is now something my computer doesn't like, but I like it very much)!!! - can't be used or DON'T USE IT WITH ENHANCED DAMAGE EFFECTS!!!! - I think since I worked on origigi Rb particle file(I can't check all the effects and generators) and since it has some minor new stuff from GWX 2.1 that this mod is playable with gwx 2.0, try it! This is the release numero seven, don't be hard on me, if it works 100% ok with gwx 2.1, still not shure but I'm 99.9999%, ok not that much, I will continue rb's work, although, huh would be better he does it. jscones - without JSGME no mod maker of empty campaign - I don't know who that is, but thank you! Try to use these files in commercial or any other way, as it is forbidden, I don't like to work, I will sue you. if you see a bug, can you catch a screenie and post it? explain the incident, why what where and who got involved 3. report if you saw somewhere a nice thing that you feel might improve this mod 5. That's the way to go, all efforts to making SH3 each day better! Edit: I would change the line "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ENHANCED DAMAGE EFFECTS" to a bigger font, YELLOW, UNDERLINED, BOLD AND ITALIC! Both mods have the same purpose, so they can't work together! And I hate to see them shaking in the water like mad. RB won't mind you tweaking his work as long as you credit the right people. I know he used to tell me how he needed help to do some work on his mods.

A i ovo sam se namucio da instaliram pa nebi da nesto uzjebem. Look at that superman flying to the rescue of the other little brother superman!!! The mods also used while taking those pics AND PLAYING with this mod are sukhoi's das boot faces, torpedo damage final v2, lifeboats v2a, v3b, waterstream v4, LRT, interior dive planes, open hatch, sboot, OLC'S Ubermod 2.41, OLCE2, olceguispecial for olce, shipbuoyancy, just to name the few.. As for the official stuff, I will work on the mod this week. My home internet connection sucks and as my college is closed for the remainder of the week because of the 1may, I will check in randomly to see for new suggestions, bugs. This study sought to bridge the gap by way of a systematic review of previous studies within a decade of LMS acceptance research in SSA, placing them in contextual paradigms of models, methodologies, milestones, subjects, countries, findings and challenges. A systematic review of Technology Acceptance Model in e-learning context. Results from a systematic review of 31 studies, revealed key determinants of LMS acceptance/adoption to be Attitude and Perceived Usefulness; followed by Performance Expectancy and Perceived Ease of Use; then lastly Social Influence. In Proceedings of the XV International Conference on Human Computer Interaction, 55.

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my family - for making me such a sadist and a lover of painfull explanations everybody - so many fans of the das boot.. As I fix it or improve it(houp days least, someone said), I will erase it or add it or provide an explanation and I will tell about new uploads of files.

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