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I obtained a quest where I had to infiltrate a heavily guarded building and snag some hidden recordings. So I respawned at the beginning of the map and to my horror all of the enemies I had killed were back. So I just ran in guns blazing, shot everything that moved, and I was done with the mission in less than five minutes. You’re not robbing stores or murdering innocent people; you’re basically doing what you’re told to do . This means that every female character winds up looking like a hooker and every male is a thug. Finally, it appears that Vogster listens to its fan base and is dedicated to making constant improvements to the game.

I was elated to have a mission that seemed more about subterfuge than firepower. Perhaps a better name for the game would be Bleedout episode I noticed that all of my missions were coming from one guy: Pilot. Just doing cursory internet searches regarding the game’s development reveals the developers’ commitment to the game and accolades from fan regarding how far the game has come.

Built a world economy on an obsolete fuel source we knew wouldn’t last.

had from a design standpoint, both games struggled with issues at launch which was reflected in their review scores.

Survival is the name of the game in Crime Craft: Gang Wars, an MMO shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Likewise, the NPCs stand around waiting for you to approach them and real-life advertisements bombard you from a myriad of billboards.

You can see other players wandering around, but you can’t battle rival gangs or do anything interesting during this downtime.

Publisher: Vogster Entertainment Playerbase: Low Type: MMOFPS Release Date: July 31, 2009 Pros: Great graphics. Join a gang or create your own and fight it out with other gangs for control of the streets, zones, districts, and the city itself.

Play with other players in a variety of PVP game modes, including classics such as team deathmatch, or take on the game’s AI in a number of PVE modes.

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