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** Click the cover image to order online ** ** Or buy it for your Kindle, Nook, or other e Book formats on Smashwords ** “Mr Matthews weaves a terrific story that draws the reader in and keeps them engaged throughout.

The character development is outstanding, the description of scenes and action paints a picture for the reader as the story unfolds.

You keep going on dates and if you like the person, you mutually agree to get into a relationship. Now it seems like asking someone out on a date (as in a ‘date date’ like a coffee date as opposed to drinks in a bar, which seems decidedly skeezy) is a bad idea, because it feels like you’re asking them to commit to the idea of a relationship early on.

So you have to play all these head games about how you’re not looking for a relationship so you can disqualify yourself as relationship material and not scare the other person off.

Kelly, with her lush figure, working-class background, and highly sexed nature does not fit that description.

One night at a club in Cambridge, Kelly meets Tray, a handsome and charming black American stationed at the nearby Air Force base.

She expected him to lie next to her, but instead, he stood in the middle of the room and started taking his clothes off.Lois was also born in Ohio, to Thomas William Howell and Ruth Mary Hirst.Lois's own mother (James's great-grandmother) was born in South Africa, to American...All the interracial cuckold websites promise, “Once you go black, you never go back.” Can Kelly continue to be a faithful wife or will Tray prove irresistible?Rob Matthews was born in London and divides his time between Britain and the United States. Follow Rob on Facebook and Twitter:; @robandtina1.

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Taking off his trousers, he revealed white boxer shorts.

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