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The yard is obviously closed and a house or two built on the site.

So it would seem that another yard building "proper boats" has gone. I found her on the mud by Two Tree Island, she had let her riding scope get caught around her bridle anchors.

I laughed so hard I sat down in the snow covered mud.

At Five in the morning in a howling gale miles from anywhere on a freezing night, I did not laugh much longer. J and J's had long since stopped building 6 tonners and the ones I knew were all like MM, full length keel.

The last we heard was that she had been restored to her thirties splendour, and was moored somewhere in the Mediterranean. In which case she should know the way home, for Willie is refitting her for the trip back next year. Demelza came from Plymouth last year, 2009, she was moored in the Cattewater and was a brokerage sale from Tony Hole Marine - very helpful and obliging outfit. A true representation of the designer's and builder's original concept.

There was a sister ship 'Sequence' which also sailed from Cardiff at one point. We don't know much about her, being a brokerage, but whilst repainting her on the hard at her current home, West Bay Dorset, a visitor told me he knew her - had been moored next to her for a couple of years. Anyway, she needed a minimum of work to use her right away - we brought her round from Plymouth via River Yealm and Brixham in July 2009 and she has been busy ever since. I spent a very pleasant few hours with him in his yard at Thundersley on two separate days some years ago .

Fred reckoned it was because she pounded a bit on the foreshore as she took the ground. There were one or two 5.5 tonners around, a bright red one, I saw her a lot up Lawling creek or the next one up, she had a bowsprit and bumpkin.

The beach boats built in J J's like 'Grace Darling' and skylark, were all built with plates, 'Skylark' used to sail into Chalkwell beach and take out trippers.

Stephen Dodge is Maurice Griffiths Bawley Yacht built by Johnson and Jago in 1962.

Whatever MG design she is, she is certainly looked after! I continued Mikes update and restoration until divorce forced her sale to Alan Gimes.

I have most of her history of original build and restoration.

She was almost identical except she lacked a bowsprit. have been forwarded from Silvio in Italy, June 2010, along with the paper copies of the original drawings! BOAT OWNER: David Bullen LOCATION: AFLOAT, KF1-28 - 8 OVERVIEW: Length: 9.9m, (32' 6"), Launched: 1951, NZ Kauri Pine Carvel Cutter Designed by Maurice Griffiths and built by David Bullen Resides in: Victoria HISTORY: Her owner completed a west-about circumnavigation between 19. Stripped and repainted decks over winter, took off a load of peeling Treadmaster, she's almost ready for a return trip to the Yealm in May, then.... (South Africa may be a bit ambitious, but it's encouraging to hear about that journey - do you know who it was? The first being when I asked him to make me a new mast for Stella Marie (receiving a severe dressing down for breaking one of his masts) The second day being when I collected my smart new one.

October 2006, Tinka has been sold and the new owner has been good enough to send in pics and offer the plans to us so we may scan them and place them on CD for all! I will be having these scanned and will be able to send them out on CD to anyone interested, at cost! Koonawarra has undergone a 10 year ground-up rebuild. I had cause to be near Southend about two months ago and went to see if he was still around.

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I kept Maplin Maid for a few years, the previous owner, Fred Aurtherell, also did, before me, in this old bomb hole off Small Gains Creek, there was enough water to scrub her off at low tide. the power of chain is amazing and she wound the 2 anchors together as she was wind rode then tide rode as she swung.

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